P. Klemmer and Dr Ka Wan Li publish in J. of Biol. Chemistry

Fragile X syndrome, one of the most common inherited forms of X-linked mental retardation, is caused by a loss-of-function mutation of the Fmr1 gene on the X chromosome. The study, led by Patricia Klemmer and Dr Ka Wan Li in the neuroproteomics group at the VU University has just been published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry this month.

How adolescent nicotine exposure disturbs the adult brain

CNCR investigators discovered the mechanism by which adolescent nicotine use causes long-lasting disturbances in attention as appeared in this week's advance online publication of Nature Neuroscience.

New AMPA (glutamate) receptor interacting protein discovered

Science Paper: New sensitive proteomics technologies of the CNCR research team of Ka Wan Li allowed the discovery of a novel protein interacting with AMPA receptors.