Memory Circuits


Nature Communications paper for Memory Circuits team

A study performed by PhD students Mariana Matos and Esther Visser in the team of Michel van den Oever reveals that expression of a remote fear memory depends on a small ensemble of neurons in the medial prefrontal that functions as an enduring physical memory trace, or engram.

Novel insight into the molecular engram of aversive memory

A team of researchers from the CNCR (led by Priyanka Rao-Ruiz and Michel van den Oever, MCN lab) and the Erasmus MC (led by Steven Kushner, Dept. of Psychiatry) used a sensitive and unbiased RNA sequencing approach to identify gene expression signatures critical to the storage of long-term memories by sparse ensembles of hippocampal neurons. This collaborative effort was published in Nature Communications.

Mariana Matos receives poster prize at DNM 2018

Mariana Matos received a poster prize at the Dutch Neuroscience Meeting (DNM).

Michel van den Oever receives VIDI grant

Erasing alcohol memories to prevent relapse
NWO awarded Michel van den Oever, team leader of the ‘Memory Circuits’ group at the CNCR, with a Vidi grant of 800.000 euro.