Memory Circuits



At the department of Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology (MCN) of the Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research (CNCR), we are seeking a highly motivated biotechnician who shares our ambition to unravel the neurobiological mechanisms that underlie learning and memory, as well as neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders (such as Alzheimer’s disease and drug addiction). You will work with the research teams of Michel van den Oever, Ronald van Kesteren, Mark Verheijen and Sabine Spijker at the MCN lab. In particular, we are looking for a technician to setup the exciting new technique of calcium imaging in freely moving animals using miniature microscopes. This method will enable you to visualize neuronal activity in the brain while mice perform a behavioural task (real-time). You will be working in a group of enthusiastic PhD candidates, postdocs, students and senior scientists.

Your duties
- training and testing mice in behavioural paradigms that measure aspects of learning and memory (e.g. operant alcohol self-administration, fear conditioning, Morris water maze task)
- performing stereotaxic intracranial surgeries (viral vector injections, cannula and cranial window placements)
- setting up in vivo calcium imaging using miniature microscopes
- general laboratory and organization duties

- BASc (HLO) or PhD degree with specialization in zoology/animal science and affinity with neuroscience research
- article 12, 9 or 13f
- experience with rodent behavior paradigms and stereotaxic surgeries
- candidates with experience in vivo calcium imaging are especially encouraged to apply, but this is not a requirement
- good communication skills in English/Dutch
- strong organizational and social skills

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Deadline: 7 April 2020
Applications received by email will not be processed