Dementia Science


Alzheimer Nederland grant to revive silent memories

Memory Circuits Team (Michel van den Oever) and Alzheimer Team (Ronald van Kesteren) join forces to test how hyperactive interneurons affect the formation and reactivation of memory engrams. They receive a 300 k€ grant from Alzheimer Nederland to investigate this.

Hyperactive interneurons contribute to Alzheimer’s disease

A new study by PhD student Sara Hijazi (MCN) shows that reducing the activity of interneurons in the hippocampus restores memory and delays Alzheimer’s disease progression in mice. The study is published in Molecular Psychiatry.

Novel biological insight into polygenic risk for schizophrenia

A new study by PhD student Martina Rosato (MCN) shows that combined cellular and molecular profiling is able to reveal novel biological insight into the polygenic nature of schizophrenia. The study was published last month in Molecular Psychiatry.

ZonMw TOP grant for translational Alzheimer’s research

Research team led by Ronald van Kesteren receives 675 k€ to investigate changes in brain activity that can provide new diagnostic markers or treatment targets for early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.