Animal Models of Psychiatric Disease


Priyanka Rao-Ruiz receives Veni grant

The role of inhibition in shaping hippocampal memory traces
Molecular cell biologist Priyanka Rao-Ruiz aims for a better understanding how we can create so many different memories.

Sabine Spijker receives Vici grant

Sabine Spijker receives 1.5 M€ for her research on depression. ‘This Vici grant allows me discover what is the limit in information processing that is apparent in ‘the prison of depression’.

Biological Psychiatry paper for Lubbers, De Vries and Spijker

MCN PhD-student Bart Lubbers and PIs Taco De Vries and Sabine Spijker present first evidence for a molecular mechanism for relapse to nicotine seeking in the prefrontal cortex in which GABAA receptor trafficking is essential. Their findings are currently available in on-line issue of Biological Psychiatry.