Current internship students


Our current students for this year (fall 2019 - Summer 2020) are:

Marijn Maarsseveen:
My name is Marijn Maarsseveen, I am 20 years old and currently I am doing my bachelor Biomedical sciences. I am doing my internship in the research group of Michel van den Oever. His research group is focused on memory circuits. My supervisor is Miodrag Mitric, together we work on my internship project. This project is about spine density on the pyramidal cells in the medial prefrontal cortex. I will be doing this project for 4 months, from February until the end of March. I am really excited about this interesting project and I know that I will learn a lot that is really helpful for my future career.

Nicole Terpstra:
Originally I am from the north of the Netherlands, but I’ve been living in Amsterdam for 5 years now. I am in the first year of my master Biomedical Sciences - Neuroscience - Psychopharmacology and pathophysiology at the University of Amsterdam. I am doing my internship with Esther Visser on neuronal ensembles in the medial prefrontal cortex and their role in alcohol seeking and homecage alcohol consumption. My internship started in january and I am planning to finish up in june.

Luna Šošo Zdravković:
My name is Luna Šošo Zdravković, I come from Serbia. I obtained my bachelor’s in Molecular biology and physiology (at the University of Belgrade, Serbia), and I am currently in my first year of Neurosciences research master (at the VU Amsterdam). I am doing my internship with Mark Verheijen and Aina Badia Soteras, on astrocytic GLT-1 protein interaction dynamics using FRET. My internship lasts until July. I am a part of Neurasmus study program.

Dorian van Raan:
Hi, I am Dorian van Raan. I am from Amsterdam, and I’m currently in the third year of my bachelor of Health and Life Sciences at the VU. My bachelor thesis project, under supervision of Suzanne, focusses on the effect of somatic mutations in the TDP-43 protein and their effects on semantic dementia. I will be staying with the MCN until the end of May.

Kyra Swildens:
I am from Utrecht in the Netherlands. In September I started with the MSc Neurobiology - Psychopharmacology and Pathophysiology at the University of Amsterdam. I’m doing my internship with Mandy Kater in the group of Mark Verheijen and the project regards the understanding and manipulation of gliosis in the APP/PS1 mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. I started in December 2019 and will stay until the end of July 2020.

Anna Galakhova:
My name is Anna. I am from Russia, currently doing 2nd year of MSc Biomedical sciences, Neurobiology. In MCN I am working on the Shisa (7) project with Remco and Pryanka. My internship is 6 months - Feb till Aug.

From left to right: Dorian, Kyra, Marijn, Nicole, Luna, Anna